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List of things you can do on the Attendance
Last Updated 8 years ago

  1. Check In & Check out details - You can see your check in & check out details on this page and also check in and check out with the by clicking on checkin button with the location.image
  2. Daily Status Details -  You can update your daily status details on this page by typing in what work you did at the current live time & location & can also attach files if needed. Click on ”Add Status”image
  3.  Approval Process -  Incase you are a manager, your subordinates can apply for regularisation of their attendance, which can be approved or rejected by you.image
  4.  My Attendance calendar -  Attendance calendar will give you a view of your monthly present days and you click on absent days to request for rationalize your attendance. Which will go for an approval.image
  5.  Rationalise History -  You can view a history on the dates you wished to rationalise your attendance.image

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