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List of things you can see on your profile
Last Updated 8 years ago

  1.  Profile page -  You can view the your profile with the list of information related to you and you can add “more info” by clicking on the blue button. You can also upload your profile picture by clicking on the image.
        image      image

2. Summary page - You can view the summary page with additional information like official letters, banking details, Projects assigned etc.
Click on ”Blue LINKS” to read more info.


3. Personal information - You can view your personal info page and add more details.

 4.  Team structure - You can view team structure based on the manager your profile is linked to.

  5.  Documents – How to upload documents - You can view and upload your documents by selecting the documents list in the drop down.

  6.  Compensation – Salary details


  •   Compensation – Investments - Investment page will let you put in the investment details and also attach multiple files.   
         Type the amounted invested & Click on attachment to upload files. 


  • Compensation – Tax Computation -  Compensation page will give you a view on Salary details and tax calculations & Pay slips


 7.  More information - More information tab will let you add additional information.


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